2017 8/9 Tournament

Exeter 8/9 Tournament

July 14th-August 1st

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Winner's Bracket

The winner of the Loser's bracket will play the winner of the winner's bracket on Monday, July 31st at 7pm on the Front field. If the winner of the Loser's bracket wins this game (meaning the winner of the winner's bracket has just one loss), the deciding game will be held at Tuesday, August 1st at 7pm on the front field.

Loser's Bracket

The winner of game 27 wins the loser's bracket and will play the winner of the winner's bracket as indicated above.

Background Checks for Little League® Volunteers

From developing strict pitch count regulations in order to keep young arms healthy to the A Safety Awareness Program, providing a safe baseball and softball experience is paramount for Little League®. As part of Little League’s Child Protection Program, local leagues must conduct background checks on all volunteers and hired ...

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Common Little League® Rules Misconceptions: What Parents Need to Know

Throughout the season, in almost every set of bleachers at Little League® fields everywhere, there will be discussions about certain rules and regulations that parents and other spectators have questions about. Here are some of the most common questions and answers to help provide clarity. Must a runner slide ...

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Tips for Talking to Your Little Leaguer®

You want every minute of your child’s of Little League® experience to be rich with the fun and enjoyment of competing in baseball or softball, which includes making friends and learning all the life lessons the sports have to offer. A key to making that happen are quality conversations with ...

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All-Star Schedules Announced; GWA 9-11 Moves On

The 2017 District 31 All-Star schedule has been announced. We have four teams participating this year including, representing Exeter, Little League Major Boys (11-12) and 9-10 Boys, and representing GWA, Major Girls (11-12) and 9-11 Girls. The most up to date schedule can be fount at clicking here.The GWA Major ...

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